The 411 on Cement Sidewalks

The 411 on Cement Sidewalks

Did you know that when it comes to cement sidewalks, you have a ton of options available to you when it comes to decorative features? If cost is an issue to you — and isn’t it to most of us? — then you will find that stamped cement is a very appealing option for you when it comes to beautifying your cement sidewalks. If you fear compromising the naturalness or authenticity of your cement sidewalks, this is where stamped cement comes in. What is important here is that you are certain about the proper blending in of your stamped cement of choice with the other cemented elements available wherever the cement sidewalks are currently installed. Otherwise, the result will be a very unpleasant aesthetic dissonance that nobody will be happy with.


Take note that cement elements like acid staining or exposed aggregate go very well with stamped cement. Your options include running bond brick, stone, worn rocks, or hexagonal tiles.


Now let us take a look at some examples of patterned stamped cement which is one very popular form of decorative cement walkways. If your goal is to create a resemblance to brick, cobblestone, slate or flagstone with your choice of patterned stamped cement, you are exactly on the right path. Not only will you be saving a significant amount of money by opting to go for patterned stamped cement, you will also be saving so much time and effort on your end when it comes to upkeep. Your driveway, patio and courtyard are all excellent locations for pattern stamped cement applications.


The first type of patterned stamped cement is cobblestone – random interlocking. The edges have an irregularity to them while the corners of the cement are rounded. One can also opt for the sorrento pattern for the cobblestone. Some other options that you can consider for cement walkways include English Yorkstone, limestone, sandstone, natural stones, pine interlocking plank, ashlar stone, river stone, fractured slate, fractured earth, and more. At the end of the day, it really all depends on your set budget, and what type of look you hope to achieve when it comes to your cement walkways.

Another aspect of cement walkways that you will have to make a decision on is color. Technological advancements have truly widened one’s options: we have steersman buff, la crescenta, venetian pink, platinum gray, dark red, slate gray, arizona tan, and walnut. It’s wise to ask for a professional opinion.

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