New Hot Water Heater Firms Offers “Same Day” Installation

Water Heaters Never Fail on a Good Day

Often the first sign of trouble with a hot water heater turns out to be a flood on the basement floor.  These usually dependable appliances have a life expectancy of 8-12 years or more.

As such they tend to get ignored, and even an occasional small leak may go unnoticed. But when they fail, they can do so, BIG time.

While many plumbers and even some HVAC companies can arrange to remove the old water heater and install a new one, a new firm has set up shop in the Minneapolis St Paul area to specialize on just doing Water Heaters.

Called Water Heaters Now is focused on just that mission. To be the best requires specialization, says owner Ray Snesrud.

We offer same day service on all standard Gas and Electric Tank water heaters everywhere in the Twin City Metro area.

We do Tankless models within two days. Call us by 2PM and we will have your new hot water tank installed yet today. For Tankless, we will do the initial measuring and placement work today, and finish the job by tomorrow.

We only use US Made Quality Systems from reputable firms like Bradford White and Navien.

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