Do You Know A Good Residential Locksmith?

Lock Your Castle!

Lock your properties to keep them safe from harm, and eliminate pesky intruders!  In centuries past wealthy dukes, earls and kings built castles to protect their property and the people close to them.

Today we rely on locks on our doods. Usually a sufficient enough system, as moats with crocodiles have gone out of style.

Have you ever experienced being locked from the outside? or much worse, have an intruder barging inside your home without even breaking a sweat? Those are some instances which make you think: “Are we really safe?”

If you are investing in real estate for your own or for income purposes, it is a good idea to find a good residential locksmith.  I found a good one and keep his number handy, as issues come up from time to time. My guy earned the nickname Fast Eddy due to the speed with which he can open a locked car.  A Handy skill if you have locked your keys inside, as I have more than once in my life – I hate to admit.

A good locksmith can help you in ensuring the safety of those around you, as well as your tenants.  You want to find someone who will offer you top-quality, hassle-free, locksmith services.

At a minimum  you want Dead Bolt Locks, a type of locking mechanism that consists of an immovable bolt and  heavily relies on the usage of a key to unlock instead of the more common Spring Bolt Lock, which, on the other hand, opens by applying force on the bolt, meaning it is accessible without a key.

Lending spare keys for your home could mean danger in one way or another, there are A LOT of places that could duplicate keys as fast as a moment could pass, all without worries of confidentiality.

Professional locksmith can make keys that only he could sell and could never be found for sale inside Hardware stores. He produces copies of your keys, only if you have given full permission to do so, now how’s that for some good ‘ol privacy?

You need to change locks and the keys of your units before your new tenants move in, definitely slicing off chances of potential troubles in the future. What a great relief isn’t it?

There are already too many news reports regarding home invasion for us not to be aware of our own. Mass theft, and destruction of property, sometimes even serious physical injuries.  All are too dangerous for us to give zero attention to.

Having an elite locksmith, such as my Fast Eddy plays an critical role in reassuring the security of a household, a community, or a business. He could give you service as fast as possible, without you ever having a headache. Wherever you live or operate, I highly recommend that you find your own “Fast Eddy.”


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