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Cherish The Grief

What Do Your Customers Think?

Over the years I have worked with many small businesses within and without the real estate world.

One lesson I have picked up from the best of the bunch was an attention to detail when it came to understanding their customers.

George Manson of Manson Builders was perhaps the most effective. He would talk at coffee sometimes about what his customers didn’t like.  We met every few weeks on a regular basis for about two to three years in an informal “Mastermind” group with three other colleagues.

George was always focused on the downside. Or at least that is the way I initially felt about it.

“Can’t please everybody,” I would say.

But George would respond, that one persons complaint was just the tip of the iceberg.  Most people are sheep, he believed, and tended to just accept things as they were.  He actually seemed to prefer those who would complain.

“Let’s Me Know What I Have To Do.”

I was reminded of George yesterday when I came across a blog post about online review sites.

One of the Sections was called, “Cherish the Grief.”

Cherish the Grief

As a practical matter, I hear many of my clients gritting their teeth over some of the negative reviews they receive.  That’s understandable. In general though, it is far better to respond to those reviews with a positive comment back.gritting

For legitimate complaints, you now have a chance to impress a potentially disaffected customer back with a courteous response. A customer saved is as valuable as a new customer and easier in most cases. When they see that you actually care, they may well become a raving fan.

The true value of the review system may well be the insights you get on what your customers are saying and thinking about your business.  You are far better off knowing about any issues you customers are having.  You can take action and build your business faster and more effectively with that feedback.

So while you may not like to get less than optimal feedback, you should cherish it.

That said, you don’t need to share it with your competitors or the general public, which is why the RepPilot System is so valuable. The system captures any negative feedback and gets it sent to you so you can do something about it.  By offering your customers a way to share any frustrations they may have, makes it less likely they will post a poor online review independently. Thus you have dodged a bullet and your overall ranking remains higher than it may have otherwise.

One other nice thing about the RepPilot software is that it allows you to associate customers with individual employees or departments. This gives you a new tool to evaluate staff and departments performance and understand where you excel and where you need additional training or improvements.

See the Full Post here:

I Liked the idea of having an automatic systematic approach to finding things people didn’t like about your business. I Know George would have as well.

Now the author of the post was more focused on getting good online reviews. And that of course makes sense these days.  But that he also recognized the value of getting the less good feedback,  is what made me sit up and take notice.