Professional Furnace Inspection Service for the Twin Cities

TDS Furnace Offers Independent Furnace Inspections

Professional Furnace Inspections and Certifications are now available in the Minneapolis St Paul, Twin Cities metro area.

Recently Tom Snuggerud, the former owner of Midland Heating and Air Conditioning in Minneapolis established a new firm specializing in furnace, boiler, water heater and air conditioning inspections and certifications.

I like that idea.  While there are many good home inspectors, the majority of times the typical inspector does just the essentials when it comes to these critical elements in a home.  On the other end of the equation, the annual inspections by most furnace companies are looking for opportunities for new business as much as providing needed annual maintenance.

More than one homeowner has purchased a new heat exchanger they did not really need,.

The advantage Tom offers, is his independence. He knows his stuff after decades in the business and will not only tell you that your furnace meets acceptable minimum standards but will also let you know what to expect in the short term.

This can be helpful additional information when you are considering buying a home.

TDS Furnace will not only inspect your furnace or boiler, but will examine the Hot Water heater and air conditioning systems as well.

As a seller of an older home, his certification of an older but functional system may make the difference between getting an offer or not.

We all depend on the comfort our heating and cooling systems provide and few of us and equipped to make out own independent decisions on their adequacy. That is where an independent like Tom comes to play.

Time will tell whether or not TDS Furnace will penetrate the local market as an independent resource.  I hope he does, The would could use a few more qualified people taking a look at such critical equipment in the home.


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